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Valentine’s Day Specials

Just a few days away our favorite Valentine’s Day, and Irina Organic Skin Care offers you 
Holiday Specials for services and products:
15% off- Rose Facial- (regular-$155)helps to rejuvenate and restore your tired and dry skin and look your best with rosy cheeks for your favorite holiday. The facial includes steaming, deep pore cleansing, exfoliation with gentle vitamin enzymes and chocolate scrub, mixed with crushed rose hips and polishing off the dead cells, treating your skin with infusion of collagen-vitamin blend, relaxing and soothing massage with rose essences, and yummy freshly customized mask with crushed rose petals, chocolate and other hydrating and collagen ingredients, finished with rose water toner and products applying according to your skin type.
10% off – NEW Oceanic Plasma Acne Treatment (regular $180-without equipment, $250-with equipment) 
and all Facials over $155.
  • The treatment Includes NEW NON-INVASIVE PLASMA SKIN STAMPING DEVICE. The Plasma Stamping treatment uses advanced technology to generate plasma energy through using the device. The device helped to improve acne, tightens skin, helps pigmentation to brighten, improves complexion/skin tone, minimizing wrinkles, and regenerates and lifts. The device helps also Acne treating with:
  • Destroying Bacteria on the surface of the skin and within the pores, leaving skin ultra-clean. It minimizes inflammation and reappearing of inflamed acne. 
  • Aiding better absorption of any crams or serums that are applied for more effectivity.
  • Accelerating Healing of the bodying the body’s wounds such as cysts, lesions, redness, or acne skin can be cleared up more rapidly.
THE OCEANIC PLASMA ACNE TREATMENT is a full service with deep cleansing, steaming, exfoliation with a new Oceanic Resurfacing Mask, extractions, treatment with Oceanic Face Cooling Infusion and Plasma Stamping treatment device and Tender Beam Blue and Green  Laser Therapy, relaxing detoxifying massage (Guasha massage), customized mask of healing herbal blend, Bio-LIght Therapy over the mask, removing mask with tea compresses, application of the skin type products with a new Oceanic Acne Defense Lotion and Sun Shelter Mortising protection.
15% off- Entire Elina Organics Skin Care Product Line with Free Shipping
That includes products which contain Rose Ingredient:
  • CRANBERRY ROSE SKIN REFINER $48:  Rosehip Powder – exfoliates and brightens, rich in natural vitamins (A, B, C), encourages cell regeneration, reduces hyperpigmentation, soothes redness. High in essential fatty acids, rosehip powder has been praised for the  moisturizing boost it gives to weathered, dry and dehydrated skin . The fatty acids act as excellent moisturizers for the skin, while also helping to form and keep the walls of skin cells strong and able to lock in moisture.
  • ROSE WATER MIST- $20:  Bio-energized Rose Extract – reduces redness, high in vitamin E which moisturizes, balances natural oils, minimizes pores, firms, rich in vitamin C which stimulates collagen production
  • BOTANICAL VEGAN LIP LINER– $18:  Botanical Vegan Lip Liner smooths over lips to create a seamless line, resize, and reshape for a fuller pout. It lasts up to six hours thanks to a no-smudge, waterproof formula that won’t feather or transfer. The texture is rich with  Rosa Canina (Rose) Extract and feels velvety to layer comfortably on your lips. This formula does not contain chemicals and is enriched with Jojoba oil, Vitamin C, Rose Extract to nourish and rejuvenate your lips.
  • AMETHYST POLISH- $38: Extract of Rose Petals – contains high levels of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients, healing properties, stimulates collagen, moisturizes
  • To schedule your treatment or order products with Free Shipping call/text Irina: 206-383-4243, or e-mail:iraskincare@gmail.com
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Irina Shpigelman

Organic Skincare Expert