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Valentine’s Day Specials

 Dear Friends,

    For your favorite Valentine’s Day Holiday Irina Organic Skin Care offers you skin care treatments and products specials:
  •  15% off Triple Vitamin C Organic Facial  (regular $150). This signature super anti-aging, wrinkle fighter, brightening, and skin firming treatment starts with deep pore cleansing using Spring Rose Tea Water, exfoliation with Fruit Peel and Rose Enzyme Mask, extractions (optional). Then the skin is treated with Vitamin C, Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid Serum infused with Oxygen Therapy over Ascorbyl Palmitate application (gentle and easy absorbing form of vitamin C), continued with relaxing soothing and firming Massage using a blend of Rose Essences and Moisturizing Oils. After that the skin is nourished with freshly customized Rose Petals- Berry- Chocolate Mask penetrated with RF firming- lifting equipment and with Bio-light therapy equipment, and finally the skin is moisturized accordingly your skin type with application of Sun-Shelter.
  • 15% off Sahara Camel Milk Facial  (regular $150). This signature treatment is designed for the winter time to target dry, dull and damaged skin complexions. It starts with with deep pore cleansing using Spring Tea water, exfoliation with Lactic Acid mixed with Mandelic Enzyme Peel Mask and worked with ultrasonic equipment, extractions (optional). Then the skin is treated with a blend of brightening vitamins and Ascorbic Palmitate over Sahara Souffle Mask, which has Camel Milk- the source of super nutrients: minerals and vitamins, and infused with Oxygen therapy and Microcurrent lifting equipment. The treatment is continued with relaxing soothing massage and a blend of brightening essences and moisturizing oils, followed by application of nourishing fleshly customized Camel Milk- Brightening- Sea Pearl Mask and penetrated with RF firming- lifting with Bio-light therapy equipment, and finally the skin is moisturized accordingly your skin type with application of Sun-Shelter. 
  • $150 Microneedling Treatment  (regular- $200.) Winter and early spring are the perfect seasons to do this 90 minutes full service, which includes deep pore cleansing with Spring Tea Water and Gentle Cleanser, exfoliation with Enzyme Peel Mask and dry Microdermabrasion, (optional extractions) and followed with  moisturizing relaxing and soothing Massage. The Microneedling treatment is done with 32 sterilized and disposable micro needles over the blend of anti-aging vitamins and ingredients, which gently stimulate the skin for collagen production, cell turnover, brightening of the skin tone, also helping with fighting pigmentation, deep wrinkles and scars, improving skin pores size and balancing oil production. The cooling oxygen and cold hummer therapy helps to cool down stimulated skin while freshly customized healing herbal mask applied with cooling and sooting Blue Bio-Light Therapy equipment over the mask. In the end of the treatment there is an application of skin type moisturizer and hydrating products with sun protection followed.
  • Get  20% off Facial Treatment for you with a purchase of fully priced treatment Gift Certificate for your loved one.
  • 10% off– Elina Organic Skin Care Products: Vitamin C Elixir, Sahara Camel Milk Mask, CBD Products for face, hands and lips, Skin Rejuvenating Oil Blend, Oil Control, and many more hand-made organic formulations.

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          Happy Holiday!
         Irina Organic Skin Care
Irina Shpigelman

Organic Skincare Expert