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Summer New Products Special and Newsletter.

Dear Friends, 
   As we are almost in the middle of the summer, for some people it is a challenging time to deal with more oily skin condition, clogged pores, blackheads, irritation, inflammation, and etc. Elina Organics came with new series of organic products, designed to help with those issues. Also, there are new products for the body to ease downtime of hair removal, and keep your skinluscious, well nourished and healed.
Please take look at the descriptions of the new products below.
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We love summer! But during these warm and humid days we can see that our face look could look greasy and blackheads from out of nowhere over the T-Zone. This is why Elina decided to bring us her newest formula – Pore Purifying Oxygen Solution, which will help to liquefy excessive oil deposits and literally bubble out the blackheads from our pores with the power of oxygen.
Apply Pore Purifying Oxygen Solution over the congested areas of your skin using a Q-Tip or a cotton pad. Wait 30 seconds to allow blackheads in your pores to come to the surface. Wipe the impurities off your skin in circular motions using the same Q-Tip or cotton pad.

Oxygen also has antiseptic properties and helps to prevent breakouts. It assists in reducing hyperpigmentation which occurred as a result of previous breakouts.


Elina has finally formulated a luscious Shave Butter for Women that your skin will love! As you know, we have had Men’s Shave Butter for a number of years, and not only do men love to use it but so do women!

This particular formula contains a nourishing blend of Whipped Botanical Butters and healing herbs that will soothe, calm, and nourish your skin. It will create a luxurious shaving experience specifically for us women. The lavender oil helps calm and soothe your skin to prevent redness and irritation. 

This creamy vegan formula will shield you from razor burns while leaving your skin hydrated, smooth, soft, and glowing. It infuses your skin with healing herbs and skin polishing extracts of organic fruits. It is a very creamy and hydrating lather to soften hair for a smooth, ultra-close shave. A soothing blend of lavender and other organic botanicals will help prevent ingrown hairs. It is safe to use all over the body. For a true at-home spa experience, pair Lavender Shave Butter with Elina Organics Silky Body Lotion.

3. Introducing  Skin Recovery Protective Healing Cream ($52)
This product is amazing. My rosacea has gotten much worse with age, redness, breakouts, and dry patches. Nothing I have tried helped until I tried this. I have been using it for about a month and have had incredible results. I have already recommended it to my sister and will, I’m sure, continue to recommend it to others, Thank you for this!” -Charlotte
A lot of products for acne-prone and inflamed complexions have a drying effect on the skin. This cream is specifically formulated for irritated, inflamed, stressed, and acne-prone dry complexion. Extracts ofArnica and Spongilla have been used for centuries to heal bruised and damaged skin. Colloidal Copperadditionally to its antiseptic properties also helps to rebuild collagen and elastin as well as speed up the skin healing process. 
4. Introducing Crushed Copper Purifying Mask($42)
Deeply purifying mask with pathogen fighting and skin-renewing Copper Powder. Additionally to it’s powerful antiseptic and healing properties, Copperhelps to firm and rebuild the skin by stimulating the regeneration of proteins.  Activated Charcoal withKaolin Clay works together like a magnet to draw out impurities and toxins from your pores. 
 Fulvic Acid helps to reduce scarring and discolorations with an essential blend of trace minerals and electrolytes. Fulvic Acid improves your skin’s protective barrier, will balance your microbiome, and help prevent future breakouts.   Diatomaceous Earth nourishes, polishes, and detoxifies your skin with a synergetic blend of nutrients. 
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Thank you.
Have a fabulous summer season!
Irina Shpigelman
Licensed Holistic Aesthetician
Irina Shpigelman

Organic Skincare Expert