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Wild Mushroom Facial

This facial will include deep cleansing, vacuuming, and natural peel followed by an application of rejuvenating, hydrating, and brightening mushroom infusions and masks, delivered into the live cells of your skin with ultrasonic. The wild mushrooms that will be used during this facial are Chaga Mushrooms, Reishi Mushrooms, Cordycep Mushrooms, and Lion Mane Mushrooms. This procedure will also include micro current face lifting and muscle tightening treatment. And of course, Elina Organics treatments, equipment and skin care products will be selected specially for your unique complexion. This Mushroom Facial is specifically beneficial for aging and sensitive complexion.

Read more about the benefits of Mushrooms here: https://www.shape.com/lifestyle/beauty-style/mushrooms-skin-care-ingredient-benefits

Wild Mushroom Facial
$150 - 90 min.

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