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Upper Arm Rejuvenation Treatment

The upper arm can be one of the most challenging areas to improve. Even plastic surgery does not offer an effective solution without leaving long, noticeable scars. Some women with wide upper arms believe they have too much fat in those areas and try to hide them under long sleeves. Women with smaller upper arms often complain of loose, dry, and wrinkled skin, and ask for help. Regardless of upper arm size, there is one issue that both groups of women have that is, no matter how much they exercise, their triceps are still surrounded by soft tissue and skin that cries out for firming and rejuvenation. We are offering you a visibly corrective upper arm treatment which are individually designed for each particular client and their unique needs.

The Upper Arm Rejuvenating Treatment includes: Cupping Massage, Deep detoxication of the area, Natural Exfoliation, Infusion of Powerful antioxidants and peptides, Deep Massage to improve circulation of lymph and blood flow, Micro Current, Mesotherapy.

Upper Arm Rejuvenation Treatment
$100 - 60 min.

Make your dream skin a reality!