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Tender Beam Blue Laser-Guasha Bio-Light Therapy

Tender Beam Laser Bio-Light Treatments offer non-invasive skin-restoring and anti-aging benefits. Each modality type helps to stimulate desirable skin-restoring processes in leaving skin cells by improving intercellular communication.⁠ Tender Beam has been designed and manufactured based on Elina Organics specifications. This is truly one of a kind experience.


  • Tender Beam Blue Laser Guasha Bio Light Treatment: Recommended for Oily/Acne-Prone Complexion
    After steaming, deep cleansing, and vacuuming, you will receive Activated Honey Peel or Fulvic Oxygen Peel followed by applying specific serums selected for your complexion including Treatment Enzyme Gel or Treatment Peptide Gel and followed by relaxing soothing face-neck-shoulder massage. Then you will receive the Tender Beam Laser Guasha Massage followed by the Laser Puncture and Drawing. After that, a specific fresh plant-based mask will be mixed and applied to your skin and delivered into your live skin cells with an electroporation device. Your esthetician will then proceed with herbal compresses and acupressure massage over your face and neck. Your facial will be completed with a hydrating fine mist herbal infusion and Elina Organics serums, creams, and lotions selected for your complexion.



Tender Beam Blue Coherent Laser works on the surface of the skin within 400-500 nm rays helping on purifying the blood, detoxifying the body, and rejuvenating the skin.The pointer extension helps to work with the blue laser through the pores and inflamed acne. Vacuum extension and Guasha massage are beneficial for the lympha-darainage to getting rid of impurities in the lymph and blood and to lift the skin.

Tender Beam Blue Laser-Guasha Bio-Light Therapy
$200 - 90 min.

Make your dream skin a reality!