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Elina Elite Organics

100 % organic, natural, transdermal, and bioenergetic product collection, created for different skin types and problematic skin conditions. All cleansing products, creams, serums, therapeutic lotions, and masks are made from very safe, edible, non- toxic, paraben-free ingredients, used for many centuries for medicinal purposes and in the products botanical base. No artificial colorings and fragrances are in the products. Natural colors come from the herbs and plants, and essential oils are used to keep the products safe and create unique aromas of the products.

Our products help the facials delicate epidermis or skin layer to reestablish the natural vibration and toning giving 100% effectiveness, coming from bioenergetic properties of Vital Force Energy Tools (www.energytoolsint.com ), thus giving one a vibrant canvas on which to apply our precious nutrients to the skin, helping in establishing the skins potential and integrity.

Again to clarify that our products are organically clean and grown in well established farms, no animals are used and our products are FREE from toxins and any artificial fragrances or coloring and THEY ARE EDIBLE..

To request products samples, order the products, or any other questions:
call Irina: (206)-383-4243 or e-mail: iraskincare@gmail.com