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Preventative Measures Against The Coronavirus and Skincare Specials.

Dear Friends,

In the present situation with the coronavirus spreading I would like to share some of the measures you can take to help yourself and your family members stay well and healthy. Your health is in your hands!

It is extremely important to continue preventative measures throughout the first two weeks or longer right after the first symptoms of cold or flu appear.

1. If you have symptoms of a strong headache, cold, sinus, high temperature and dry cough isolate yourself from others using a mask and separate room.

2. Dress warmly, hat or handkerchief on the head and warm socks, even in a bed. We lose a lot of warmth and energy through the crown of the head during the night. Keep your body in warm and comfortable temperatures.

3. Wash your hand often with soap.
4. Drink tons of warm water, herbal tea with lemon (vitamin C helps strengthen the immunity system). Camomile, Lavender, Calendula, Ginseng, Sage, Ginger and other herbs help with anti-oxidant properties and medicinal benefits. You can add a pinch of turmeric to your drink or add honey or raspberry jam to a hot or warm tea to make yourself sweat the toxins and virus out. Drinking every 15 minute helps to flush the toxins and virus out.
 5. DO NOT DRINK COLD OR ICE WATER! Cold water will worsen the situation and help the virus spread. Water with a temperature over 26-27 degrees kills the virus.
6. Do a steam inhalation with hot water, camomile/sage tea, or with a few drops of Vicks throughout the day.
7. Gargle baking soda solution, 1 tea spoon of baking soda mixed in a glass of warm water, a few times a day. Baking soda helps soften and clean off mucus from the respiratory channels. You can send baking soda solution through the nose to clean up the nasal channels.
8. Take apple cider vinegar (1 glass of vinegar in the foot bath) or an epsom salt foot soak to help release toxins from the body and activate immunity through the reflexology channels. Take a bath with Epsom Salt.
9. Take multivitamins and especially vitamins C and D once a day, in triple dosages to boost your immune system.
10. Eat a lot of anti-oxidant foods: garlic, spirulina, fresh berries, citrus fruit, dark, leafy greens rich with fiber, green salads, chicken broth, etc.
Other prevention measures:
11. Keep your kitchen dining wear separately from others.
12. Besides washing your hands, it is important to disinfect everything in the household: door handles, metallic surfaces, items brought into contact with hands, floors, computers, phones, and other items with metal surfaces.
13. Ventilate air and sunlight through the house to kill the virus.
14. Exercise to help with lymphatic drainage and improve your immunity.
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Take care everyone!
Irina Shpigelman

Organic Skincare Expert