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Monochromatic Cold Lasers and Their Benefits.

Dear Friends, 
   In the last 10 years German scientists and doctors created in cooperation universal lasers for human body, used in acupuncture, aesthetics, and variety of other areas and applications. Monochromatic lasers have a coherent light, which has 1 billion nanoparticles in 1 square centimeter. IV (Infravenous) lasers and non-intravenous ones have different spectrum of red, blue and green lights. 
For example, the wave length of the Green Laser Light is 520-540-nm (nanometers), which works gently through the skin.
The therapeutic effect of using that type of light is wide:
  • Green Laser Light helps with increasing the nitric oxide in the blood cells
  • Reduces blood viscosity helping the blood move freely
  • Helps with metabolism, regeneration process, and inflammation
  • Helps to activate the stem cells, anti-aging and ozone delivery
  • Helps with hormonal balance and improves the seasonal depression. 
  • Purifies the blood, detoxing the body, and rejuvenates the skin. 
  • Reduces cappilaries 
The wave of the Red Laser Light is 700-1000 nm, which is beneficial for different skin problems, using a quantum face-lifting methods well:
  • Helps with stimulation of the circulation, membrane and cell living chain, an immune system
  • Visibly firms and improves the appearance of wrinkles and deep lines
  • Provides overall tightening of the facial muscles.
  • Helps to correct the skin problem areas as well.
  • Helps to relax the muscles
The Lasers work with the impulsive light and magnetic field separately, and all together to emphasize the effect of healing on the problematic zone. It cures problems like: skin inflammation and severe derma conditions, seborrhea, loss of hair, acne, cellulite, sun-damage, rosacea, scars, and many others. 
 $160- special price for Monochromatic Green and Red Laser Treatments: (regular-$180-75 minutes, $200-90 minutes)
1. This treatment includes deep pore cleansing, exfoliation of the dead cells with honey granules and enzyme peel mask with Gua Sha Green Laser massage, herbal tea compress with gemstone massage, customizes blend of Probiotic Mask with herbal mask combination infused with a face massage, followed by red laser acupuncture work through the fine and deep wrinkles and lines, and continued with cupping for lymphatic drainage massage together with  the Green Laser therapy. The mask is removed with herbal compress and the skin type products applied  with sun shelter moisturizer in the end of the treatment.
2. Another monochromatic laser treatment is designed for aging complexion and dry and mature skin. 
The treatment starts with deep pore cleansing with Oxygen Purifying Solution, vacuuming around the lips and eyes with mini cupping, applying Fruit Peel and Sapphire Mask and massaging into the skin. There treatment followed by Himalayan Salt with lymphatic drainage massage over the skin, which helps with ionizing and detoxifying the skin with gentle exfoliation, removed with herbal compress. Sahara Souffle’ Mask with lactic acid for brightening and protein content with 40% Ascorbyl Palmitate (the fastest penetrating form of Vitamin C) is applied to the skin and worked out with Green Laser therapy through the gemstone for more effective penetration. The treatment  is finished with application of the skin type products and sun protection.
 $160– Microneedling Treatment –(regular-$180-1 Hour; $200-90 minutes)
It is a perfect season for micro needling treatment to turn aging around! Microneedling helps to improve the scars, pigmentation, big pores, deep wrinkles, acne and overall tone of the skin. With each section you will see tremendous results of rejuvenation, restoring and regeneration of the skin. Needle penetration opens the skin long enough for the introduction of Elina Organics treatment serums. Micro-needling opens the skin for a few minutes to allow a huge increase of corrective product to reach its deepest layer. Treatment serums can be selected for skin lightening, hydration, texture improvement and more.
10 % off Entire Elina Organics Skin Care Products. 
For the winter season there are beautiful creams and moisturizers available: Intensive Eye tRejuvenating Cream, Super Anti-oxidant Night Cream, Dry Complexion Firming Cream, Elite Formula, CBD Riche Ageless Cream and others for hands and body. Also, for the deep hydration there are Angelite Elixir Serum, Skin Renewing Oil Blend, Mermaid Elixir, Vitamin C Elixir and others. For the deeper hydration effect there are Sahara Souffle’ Mask and Crushed Copper Purifying Mask available at my office store. 
If you have any questions about the skin products which are right for your skin type, please contact Irina @ 206-383-4243iraskincare@gmail.com .
 You can also arrange the product order shipment to your address. 
                    ! Beautiful Anti-Aging Mask for the Winter Season:
If you want to have lifted and tightened skin and beautiful radiant complexion try one of my favorite masks:
• Cacao – 1 table spoon
• 1 Egg yolk 
• Grapeseed Oil- 0,5 tea spoon


• Take 1 table spoon of cacao and mix it with a little amount of warm milk. Mix it well until the sour cream consistency.
Add 1 Egg Yolk and 0.5 tea spoon of grape seed oil  and mix everything together really well.
Tip: if you want to lighten the skin a little bit, add a few drops of lemon juice into the mask.
It s better to do this mask at night time, and in the morning use sun-shelter moisturizer.

• Apply the mask to the clean and refreshed skin
• Applying in a few layers: one after another one
• Leave mask for 15-20-30 minutes and wash it off with warm water or tea water.
• For the better affect, apply hydrating or nourishing cream.
For scheduling your treatment please call Irina @ 206-383-4243 or book online: www.irinaskincare.com
Please let me know if you have any questions regarding organic skin care products or services.
Thank you.
Have a wonderful and safe season!
Irina Shpigelman
Licensed Holistic Aesthetician
Irina Shpigelman

Organic Skincare Expert