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Happy Thanksgiving! Holiday Specials.

Dear Friends, 
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families! 
For the upcoming holiday Irina Organic Skin Care offers a few specials for the services and products: 
$170- Microneedling Treatment (regular-$180-1 Hour; $200-90 minutes)
It is a perfect season for micro needling treatment to turn aging around! Microneedling helps to improve the scars, pigmentation, big pores, deep wrinkles, acne and overall tone of the skin. With each section you will see tremendous results of rejuvenation, restoring and regeneration of the skin. Needle penetration opens the skin long enough for the introduction of Elina Organics treatment serums. Micro-needling opens the skin for a few minutes to allow a huge increase of corrective product to reach its deepest layer. Treatment serums can be selected for skin lightening, hydration, texture improvement and more. 
 Read more information about microneedling: https://irinaskincare.com/service/mesotherapy-with-micro-needling/
 $185- Scenar Cosmodic Face Firming Treatment (regular- $220)
During this corrective anti-aging skincare treatment, a hydra cupping technique will be used to purify your skin. After cupping, your skin will be polished and gently exfoliated by Activated Honey Peel or Fulvic Oxygen Peel followed by a micro dermabrasion polishing. Next, a specialty blend of Phyto peptides including Treatment Peptide Gel, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C will be mixed and applied to your face and neck. Relaxing soothing massage will be performed at face-neck- shoulders. Scenar Cosmodic Neurofeedback Skin Firming Treatment will then visibly firm your skin, tone your muscles, and contour your jawline. This treatment will take years off your face, all while making you feel rested and relaxed by balancing your hormones and harmonizing the energy in your entire body. Finally, Elina Organics botanical masks, serums, and lotions selected specifically for your complexion will be applied to your face, leaving you feeling younger and rejuvenated.

$300- Scenar Cosmodic Face Firming Package of 4 treatments (regular $340). It is 35-40 minutes long treatment to cleanse and firm the skin with the newest Scenar technology to balance the hormonal phone in the body and firm the skin with instant lifting. You will see immediate effect of lifting even after the first session.  The Scenar Firming Treatment might be added to any other services for $85 as an Add-On.

Organic Micro-Crystal Dermal Infusion Treatment: $299 for 90 minutes (regular $330) This is a new cutting edge Skin Care Treatment that literally reverses aging with absolutely visible results right form the first treatment. The base of that amazing treatment is BIO-SILICA MICRO-CRYSTALS (SPICULES) extracted from several types of freshwater and marine sponges, and enriched with their bioactive extracts, can deliver rapid ad visible skin restoring results for a variety of complexions.
  • Spiculas are formed organically in a genetical controlled way. They are usually between 150-250 microns long and 25-35 microns wide. Those are acting as MICRONEEDLING without using real needles. As they dissolve naturally in the dermal layer of the skin, they immediately start to help producing collagen for instant regeneration, rejuvenation and restoration of the skin. The treatment is greater practically any skin complexion to achieve more beautiful young and clean skin.
    Together with Spiculas Elina uses in the treatment LUBOMIRSKIA SPONGE which naturally grows only in the most clean and deepest waters of Lake Bauikal, the most largest reservoir of fresh water and oxygen on the planet. The extract form that plant was used for centuries to heal inflamed, damaged and bruised skin. 
    All together the NEW SUPER ACTIVE INGREDIENTS give immediate visible result of the reversing the aging. 
    The downtime for the treatment is about 2 or 3 days the the crystals start to melt and activate for collagen grow. The skin might feel dry and tight. The good or mild peeling also accurs after the treatment. And afterwords, the skin changes the structure, texture, regenerates, rejuvenates and restores.
    The best result comes with a series of 3 treatments 5 weeks apart.
    The special price is $299 for 90 minutes (regular $330)
    The treatment includesSteaming, Deep pore cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, relaxing and soothing massage, micro-crystal infusion with equipment, healing, soothing, and nourishing mask with Lubomirskia and Aurora Sponges and herbal ingredients, application of the skin type products with sun protection in the end of the treatment.
    The shorter version of Micro-Crystal Dermal Infusion- $150, 30-45 minutes: which includes cleansing, micro-crystal treatment and mask. 

Tender Beam Blue Laser- Guasha Bio-LIght Therapy: $170 special  (regular- $200, 90 minutes)
Tender Beam Laser Bio-Light Treatmets offer non-invasive skin-restoring and anti-aging benefits. Each modality type helps to stimulate desirable skin-restoring processes in leaving skin cells by improving intercellular communication.⁠ Tender Beam has been designed and manufactured based on Elina Organics specifications. This is truly one of a kind experience. 

Tender Beam Blue Laser Guasha Bio Light Treatment: Recommended for Oily/Acne-Prone Complexion. After steaming, deep cleansing, and vacuuming, you will receive Activated Honey Peel or Fulvic Oxygen Peel followed by applying specific serums selected for your complexion including Treatment Enzyme Gel or Treatment Peptide Gel and followed by relaxing soothing face-neck-shoulder massage. Then you will receive the Tender Beam Laser Guasha Massage followed by the Laser Puncture and Drawing. After that, a specific fresh plant-based mask will be mixed and applied to your skin and delivered into your live skin cells with an electroporation device. Your esthetician will then proceed with herbal compresses and acupressure massage over your face and neck. Your facial will be completed with a hydrating fine mist herbal infusion and Elina Organics serums, creams, and lotions selected for your complexion.

Read more about Monochromatic Lasers: https://irinaskincare.com/service/monochromatic-green-and-red-laser-treatments/


10%- Body Contouring Fat Burning & Cellulite Reduction Treatment ($135- 60 minutes, $155- 90 minutes)

In Radio Frequency Fat burning treatment we combine fat-breaking techniques, using the Ultra cavitation + Bipolar & Tripolar RF with suction. We believe it is the latest and most advanced technology on the market today. Ultrasound cavitation causes the air bubbles around the lipocyte or fat cell membranes to break down. The broken lipocyte will be absorbed by the lymphatic system and then released out of the body. This treatment demonstrates strong, visible results with no down time.

  • Advantages: Safe, effective, non-invasive, painless, improved cell metabolism and no downtime. Expected results: Cellulite reduction, body contouring and shaping, skin firming and rejuvenation, improved muscle elasticity and tone. A general reduction of waist, abdomen, thighs, and arms

    Read more about the treatment: https://irinaskincare.com/service/body-contouring-fat-burning-cellulite-reduction-treatment/

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Irina Shpigelman

Organic Skincare Expert