2025 112th Ave NE Bellewood Two Suite 100, Bellevue, WA 98004


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Elina Organics is excited to introduce another Elina Organics Spa partner this week! Today, we are highlighting @irinaorganicskincare ⁠💕⁠ comment below if you are one of Irina’s lucky clients!
Meet Irina with Irina Organic Skin Care! ✨
Read Irina’s interview below!⁠
Q: What is the name of your spa?⁠
A: Irina Organic Skin Care⁠
Q: Where are you located?⁠
A: Bellevue, WA⁠
Q: How long have you been working with Elina Organics?⁠
A: Since 2006⁠
Q: What are your favorite Elina Organics treatments to provide?⁠
A: My favorite treatment to provide is Scenar Cosmodic Facial, Gemstone Facial, and  Corrective Herbal Facial⁠.
Q: What are your favorite Elina Organics products to use?⁠
⁠A: Angelite Elixir, Oil Control, Elite Formula, and Sahara Mask⁠
Q: Why using Elina Organics products and treatment standards is important to you and your work?⁠
A: I am, and my business is all about Organic Treatments and Products. I trust Elina with her new formulations and skincare protocols because there are the best, and I was working for a long period of time to find it out. ⁠
Q: Do you have any exciting plans or news to share with followers?⁠
A: There are tons of new exciting news and plans to share with my customers. Thanks to Elina’s hard work creating a wonderful AHSCP association and keeping us updated with her workshops and education. ⁠
Q: What do you enjoy outside of work?⁠
A: Besides my aesthetic work, I like to travel, to admire nature, I also like photography, music, and sailing.
Irina Shpigelman

Organic Skincare Expert