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Mother’s Day Specials and Elina Organics Skin Care News.

Mother’s Day Specials and Elina Organics Skin Care News.

DEAR FRIENDS,   To celebrate our beautiful women’s holiday Irina Organic Skin Care offers Spring Specials for the the wonderful Mother’s Day Holiday:   10% off all Facials and services starting from $90 up to $140: Including European Facial, Corrective Herbal Treatments, etc. 15% off all Facials and services from $155 and up, including Triple C Facial, Collagen Treatment, Microneedlling, Terra Quant Laser Treatments, Scenar, […]

Elina Organics Products Sale for Easter. Gemstones Benefits in Skin Care article.

DEAR FRIENDS,  Happy Spring!  I am glad to share with you NEW Elina Organics Skin Care Products for upcoming Easter Holiday: Get 10% off product orders over $150          Get 15% off on products order over $250         Get 20% off on products order over $350  Please place your order request at: Irina -206-383-4243 call/text. E-mail: iraskincare@gmail.com 10% off Organic Gemstone Facial and […]

Breaking News!

 Dear Friends,   Breaking News Wednesday, February 1, 2023 Baikal Crystal Face Infusion is the official winner of the Dermascope 2023 Aestheticians’ Choice Awards for the  “Best Antioxidant Moisturizer!” This incredible moisturizer was chosen for a reason: 15% off – Baikal Crystal Face Infusion won this category because it is filled with powerful anti-aging and protective antioxidants! The list includes: vitamin […]

Valentine’s Day Specials

DEAR FRIENDS,   Just a few days away our favorite Valentine’s Day, and Irina Organic Skin Care offers you  Holiday Specials for services and products:   15% off- Rose Facial- (regular-$155): helps to rejuvenate and restore your tired and dry skin and look your best with rosy cheeks for your favorite holiday. The facial includes steaming, deep pore cleansing, exfoliation with gentle […]


Dear Friends,   I am very exited to share with you the Holistic Skin Care Practitioner Association Conference news about Elina Organics NEW Oceanic Acne Line Skin Care Products. Also, the NEW Oceanic Acne Treatment Facial, which I am happy to present soon. In these modern days scientists started closely to study the antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties and components of Marine […]

25-30% off Holiday Sale of Elina Organics Products with FREE SHIPPING

DEAR FRIENDS,   For this wonderful holiday season Elina Organics offers you a few HOLIDAY GIFT SETS from her Organic Skin Care Product Line to celebrate upcoming Holidays  with your families and friends. You can preorder all the sets at: Irina – call/text 206-383-4243 or e-mail to: iraskincare@gmail.com.  All orders go with FREE SHIPPING.  All sets are ether 25% off the regular price or even 30% off for the Baikal Products Line. The NEW Products from […]

Mid Fall Organic Treatments and Product Specials

          Dear Friends, Irina Organic Skin Care would like to offers you Specials for the Fall Season Specials:     10% off– Triple Collagen Infusion Treatment and Hydra Facial Treatment are suitable for any skin type, but specifically for dry complexion. These are the full facial services which include deep pore cleansing, exfoliation, extractions (optional), treatment, relaxing and soothing massage, and customized […]

August Specials of Irina Organic Skin Care

Dear Friends,   As we are more exposed to the sun activity this season, there might be some concerns about proper care, nourishment and protection of the skin. Irina Organic Skin Care offers you Specials for the month of August:     Organic Micro-Crystal Dermal Infusion Treatment. This is a new cutting edge Skin Care Treatment that literally reverses aging with […]

Father’s Day and Summer Specials

          Dear Friends,   As our summer just started we all want to look our best and get ready for the vacation time.  Also, we are going to celebrate this month wonderful Father’s Day. For the summer skin care menu Irina Organic Skin Care offers you Specials for the Father’s Day, Body Treatments, Facials and more. […]