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About Irina Shpigelman

My name is Irina Shpigelman, Licensed Holistic Skin Care Practitioner and an owner of Irina Organic Skin Care. I am a member of wonderful professional group: Holistic Skin Care Practitioners Association, a head of Seattle Elina Organics Association .

I have come in 1997 to America, bringing from Russia my 20 years of education experience and practical botanical  knowledge of plants medicinal purpose. Together with my experience I brought new ideas of combining the medicinal nature’s wisdom with modern technology approach to my American skin care practice. My passion and goal is to aсhive with new advanced skin care the best skin youthful glow and health results.

My Organic Herbal Skin Care is offering comprehensive personal customer service with a unique menu of highly effective skin care treatments, designed for different ages and skin needs, such as:

Anti-Aging Treatments, Rosacea, Acne, Oily/Dry/Aging, and Sun-Damaged skin.

Combination of Advanced European Technics with roots in Russian herbal healing traditions as well as wonderful relaxing facial massage enhanced by soothing Reiki offers you an exquisite rejuvenating experience.

All pure, organic and 100% safe non-toxic ingredients augmented by a state-of-art aesthetic tool equipment deliver exceptional skin health and beauty results.

I provide professional Day Spa services and training classes at my location in Bellevue, WA. My office has a quiet relaxing atmosphere, and I dedicate all my attention on the clients’ particular needs performing the highest level of clients’ comfort and satisfaction.

I work with amazing organic pure eatable ingredients of Elina Organics skin care products and focus on doing herbal clinical facials for problematic skin conditions.

I am using advanced European healing techniques and more interested, as a holistic practitioner, in not just the facial skin surface but the whole body system.. because what goes into the body is reflected on the face and skin.

My services menu includes advanced non-invasive face lift procedures, signature and specialty facials for problematic skin conditions, waxing, tinting, healing body treatments, and etc. Along with intensive facial procedure, I am focusing as well on the stress relive and relaxation time, combining my facial massages with soothing healing Reiki.


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